Giving you more for your money 
With Sagicor Term Life Insurance, you get more insurance coverage for your premium dollar than any other form of insurance.
Term Life coverage is the solution especially suited to you if you need:
•  substantial coverage over a defined period of time for your mortgage or a loan.
•  substantial insurance but have a limited budget.
• insurance protection at a low cost. You can convert it to a permanent plan later, as money becomes available.
•  insurance for specific business needs, such as covering the life of a key employee.
With Term Life Insurance, you can purchase the insurance protection you need at a low cost and convert it to a permanent plan later when money becomes available. Some Term Life policies are convertible within a period specified in the policy. Your plan can be converted into a permanent life insurance plan, without any medical tests or underwriting. The premium charged for the permanent plan will be based on the age of the insured person at the time of conversion.

This plan provides a minimum insurance coverage of $50,000 and the option to purchase additional benefits to accompany the product such as:
• Total Disability
• Accidental Death and Dismemberment
• Payor’s Waiver (This option is only available when the Owner and Insured are different)
Term Life is one of many solutions offered by Sagicor to help you reach your goals. Please contact a Sagicor Advisor to discover how this product can be a part of a wise approach to your complete financial well-being.