Do you and your family have the health coverage you really need? 

You may have access to a public health care system  as well as coverage through your employer’s medical benefits package. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t require extra medical coverage to really provide peace of mind.

Why Health Insurance & Critical Illness Coverage?

Every year across the Caribbean, thousands of people develop a critical illness with most of them surviving. Many people who once needed life insurance for their dependents or creditors also need financial support for themselves during their own lifetime as survival rates continue to improve. For instance, five-year survival rates for most of the major forms of cancer have increased. Breast cancer survival rates are now 74% and in the case of prostate cancer, 62% of patients survive. And with statistics showing a greater likelihood of becoming critically ill than dying before age 65, people may be getting sick sooner, but living longer. 

Your Sagicor Advisor can help you determine your health coverage needs based on your own circumstances.


What does Sagicor offer?

Individual Health Plans

Individual health plans are ideal if you’re self-employed or want an extra measure of health benefit not provided in the public health care system. The plans vary but can cover everything from treatment in the private health care system to vision care, dental, drug plans, physiotherapy and travel for medical treatment abroad. Your Sagicor Advisor can help you determine your health coverage needs.


Critical Illness Plans 

What is critical illness insurance?

Critical illness coverage provides a lump sum of non-taxable cash, while the insured is living, if there is a diagnosis of an illness that is covered by your Sagicor plan. This alleviates the additional stress that financial pressures would bring.

Disability Coverage

If you have disability coverage, you only receive payments  if you’re unable to work.

Here’s how critical illness insurance and individual health coverage insurance differ from disability insurance. In the case of individual health coverage, the benefits received only cover medical costs. The lump sum payment from a critical illness policy can be used how and when the beneficiary chooses.

Tip: For most people, their ability to work and earn an income is a major asset. So ask your Sagicor Advisor about disability income insurance to replace part of your income if you become disabled. 

Tip: Travel medical insurance is a must for anyone traveling regularly outside the country on business or pleasure. Travel medical insurance covers you for emergency medical care and transportation, either for a defined period, or for full annual coverage, if you become ill abroad. Ask your Sagicor Advisor​ about our travel health options.