You Know The Power Of Education 

Most parents hope that their child will complete some form of higher education, either in post-secondary or tertiary schooling. This is more than just parental pride. The role that higher education plays in lifetime achievement is well documented. The completion of a university education has been shown to have a significant impact on employment and earnings throughout a graduate's life, even if the degree obtained does not lead to professional accreditation. An education – local or abroad – can further expand a young person’s experience and opportunity. 


Do You Know The Real Cost?

The cost of tertiary education both in the Caribbean and internationally is increasing rapidly and there is pressure on educational institutions to recover more of this cost from students. We would all like to know that we were able to assist our children to access higher education – particularly if we did not have the opportunity ourselves. It is safe to assume that you will have to carry significant costs for your child’s education. But you might be surprised to know just how significant. 


The Real Cost of Education 



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