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Triple Protector

The Triple Protector Plan is a critical illness insurance policy designed to provide a lump sum on the onset of Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke.

WHO CAN QUALIFY It is available to persons between the ages of 20 and 60 years and the maximum sum insured available is $120,000.

LIVING BENEFIT The Triple Protector Plan provides a living benefit in cash directly to the insured. Unlike life insurance, clients receive the benefit upon the diagnosis of a critical illness, when they are still alive.

LUMP-SUM PAYMENT Clients receive this benefit as a lump-sum payment and this money can be used for any purpose, whether medical or recuperative, such as rehabilitation, caregivers and transportation.

ADDITIONAL BENEFIT This benefit is not affected by other insurance payments.

NO MEDICAL EXAM REQUIRED — Applications are accepted or rejected based on answers on a short questionnaire. If the answers are in the negative, the policy is issued  with no underwriting.