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Professional Suite

This product is designed for young professionals. It is a financial services plan that bundles products to help you anticipate and plan for life’s many changes.

WHO CAN QUALIFY  Individuals between the ages of 22 and 35 years who have attained a degree or associate degree from a recognised tertiary institution and are employed in a profession or white-collar occupation.


·    Up to $2 million life insurance coverage, inclusive of $500,000 critical illness

·     50% off your Sagicor mortgage application fee

·     25% or more off your Sagicor General vehicle insurance          


CUSTOMISED SAVINGS SOLUTIONS  Whether you’re saving for a house, preparing for a family, or paying off educational expenses, this product provides the right savings fund.

WAIVER OF PREMIUM BENEFIT  You have the option to purchase a waiver of premium rider, so that if you become disabled and are unable to make contributions, these payments will be made on your behalf.