Introducing CariCARE® Card
Discover a new standard for health coverage with Auto-Adjudication. 
Auto-Adjudication is a paperless, web-based process whereby a claim is automatically processed at the point of service. Types of claims which may be processed online include medical, vision, dental*, pharmacy, laboratory, diagnostic and x-ray services.

Facts about Auto-Adjudication
Auto-adjudication eliminates the need for the submission of paper claims.  

A Sagicor CariCARE® International Medical Card is required as this is used to verify the eligibility of the patient.  Patient photo ID must be presented  

Auto-adjudication results in a faster turnaround time for the processing of claims both for the member as well as the provider.  

For security purposes, medical cards should not be left at any provider office or given to other family members or friends for use.

What are the Benefits the new CariCare® Card? 
• Instant processing of Claims
• Faster claims turnaround time
• No need to complete a manual claim 
• Access to international jurisdictions via Sagicor's overseas medical intermediary - Europ Assistance
• Co-branded card with Aetna which facilitates easy recognition for Sagicor's customers to Aetna listed healthcare providers worldwide

*Certain conditions apply​.

Disclaimer: The CariCare® Protector Plan is health insurance and does not provide life insurance coverage or accumulates cash values or savings. Instant claim settlement will be subject to which deductible option is chosen.